‘Losing It’ is a subversive commentary on addiction, withdrawals, and the sweeping desperation that subsequently takes hold. The film’s animation style effectively mirrors the man’s despondency; he is a passing observer of the world around him, his focus firmly held by his unnamed vice. The film’s fantastical imagery and erratic narrative structure effectively and uniquely conveys these themes, making for a fascinating viewing experience. – Venice Film Week 2022

LOSING IT film poster



After losing the tool he relies on most, a fraud information worker decides to go back in time to prevent it.

9 minute short animated film


Best Animated Short Film – Boston Short FF 2022
Best Animated Short Film – Montelupo Fiorentino IIFF 2022
Best Animated Film – Venice Film Week 2022


Aesthetica Short FF 2022
Bolton IFF 2022
Ramsgate IFF 2022
ÈCU FF 2022
Bruges IFF 2022
Bolton FF 2022
Animotion FF 2022
Miami Short FF 2022
Amsterdam IFF 2022
Coney Island FF 2022
Caorle FF 2022
AXD FF 2022
New York Super Shorts FF 2022
Toronto Arthouse FF 2022

Teaser track: SONOTOM – violet

Written, Directed & Animated by Sascha Vernik

Alex Brotzky – Howard Nightingall
Charlotte – Julie McCarthy
Dr. Plokus – Alexandra Thompson
Lype – Stuart Freeman
Old lady – Kathy Tanner

Music written and performed by Clemens Sainitzer
Sound Design & Foley Artist: Mauricio Duda
Voice Recording: Georg Zumann, Christian Egger
Dialogue Editors: Ian Pörnbacher, Christian Egger, Georg Zumann
Music Consultant: Georg Zumann
Re-Recording Mixer: René Kornfeld
Sound Postproduction: Innenhofstudios Vienna
Concept Art: Sascha Vernik, Igino, Florian Bo
Additional Animation: Igino, Florian Bo, Sandy Stamenov, Samuel Päplow

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