LOSING IT film poster



After losing the tool he relies on most, a fraud information worker decides to go back in time to prevent it.

9 minute short animated film
currently shown in the festival circuit

teaser track: SONOTOM – violet

Written, Directed & Animated by Sascha Vernik

Alex Brotzky – Howard Nightingall
Charlotte – Julie McCarthy
Dr. Plokus – Alexandra Thompson
Lype – Stuart Freeman
Old lady – Kathy Tanner

Music written and performed by Clemens Sainitzer
Sound Design & Foley Artist: Mauricio Duda
Voice Recording: Georg Zumann, Christian Egger
Dialogue Editors: Ian Pörnbacher, Christian Egger, Georg Zumann
Music Consultant: Georg Zumann
Re-Recording Mixer: René Kornfeld
Sound Postproduction: Innenhofstudios Vienna
Concept Art: Sascha Vernik, Igino, Florian Bo
Additional Animation: Igino, Florian Bo, Sandy Stamenov, Samuel Päplow

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